Improved Effect With Reduced Pain

An innovative treatment to improve skin condition and prevent premature aging. It is a natural botanical treatment for cell regenerating and cell renewal to treat acne problem, pore refining and smooth skin texture naturally.

  • Pore Contraction

  • Whitening Pigmentation

  • Burn Skin

  • Chapped Skin Goose Bumps

  • Pimple Skin

  • Capillary Skin

  • Wrinkle Lifting

  • Scar Blemish

Structure and Ingredients

Organic calcium crystal which are shaped as needles. From plant extracts, derived from spirulina in Europe. They are neutral in PH and free from Chemicals. These crystals are easily absorbed into the basal layer, and can be assimilated in 24-36 hours. Based on their unique safe and stable properties, numerous skin problem can be tackled, restoring a healthy and supple skin from the basal layer.

  • Easy to inject for needle type

  • Increase transfer effect of good rejuvenating materials

  • Continuous stimulus to cells (24-36) hours

  • Improves blood circulation

* Injected micro needle is 100% bio-degradable in 36 hours

Rejuvenation and Peeling Mechanism

Rejuvenation And Peeling Mechanism

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