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MESYA Stem Cell Home Care Set

MESYA Stem Cell Hydrating Mist 140ml

Normalizes pH level and soothes irritated skin, adjusts optimal skin balance

Formulated with natural botanicals and infused with stem cell activators proven to reduce the appearance of fine line.

How to Use: Spray on whole face and gentle massage to skin for day and night.

MESYA Stem Cell Hydrating Serum 50ml

As protective layer to defend sensitive from harmful environmental factors.

Regenerates skin with the Licorice Extract, Portulace Olerace Extract and Hyaluronic Acid help sooth and moisture skin.

How to Use: Apply whole face after the hydro mist day and night

Mesya Stem Cell Hydrating Cream 100ml

Strengthens skin barrier with callus culture extract to protect skin from harmful environmental factors. Moistures and nourishes skin with hyaluronic acid and polysaccharide.

Adjusts optimal skin balance and skin texture.

How to Use: Apply the hydro cream after the serum or ampoules.

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